About Us


Our Approach

This a community run pool.  All contributions come directly from your neighbors.

Meet the Board

We’re very excited about this year, enjoy the summer!  If you need to reach one of the board members, please reach out via our contact us page. We'll make sure the message gets to the right folks.

Joe Robins


2015 - 2020

Brian Gillespie

Vice President

2017 - 2020

Carryn Purdon


2016 - 2020

Matt Toto


2019 - 2020

Mike Reynolds

Board Member

2017 - 2020

Keith Burns

Board Member

2017 - 2020

Dan Reiman

Board Member

2017 - 2020

Matthew Schalich

Board Member

2018 - 2020


Check out our membership page for more information about joining Valley Forge Mountain Swim Club.