Terms and Conditions


    • Valley Forge Mountain Swim Club (hereinafter, “VFMSC” or the “Swim Club”) is a member-run Swim Club with a volunteer board (the “Board”) made up of a portion of the Swim Club’s members.
    • It is the responsibility of each Swim Club member and member family to enforce the rules of the pool and ensure that it is a safe, fun, and clean environment for everyone.
      • The Board does not police its members or the pool itself; the Board’s sole role is to manage the required day-to-day operations of the pool while adhering to the governing bylaws of the Swim Club.
    • If you are a member and see THE POOL, or any of its MEMBERS being mistreated, you have the authority, and are obligated and expected, to take action to remedy the situation in a calm, safe, and professional manner.
      • Should you need assistance please call:
        • Club President: 610-608-6770
  • Emergency: Dial 911


The following Valley Forge Mountain Swim Club Rules and Regulations (the “Rules”) have been established for the protection and benefit of all members of the Swim Club.


THEIR OWN RISK. The Valley Forge Mountain Swim Club, its Board, the Pool Management, and their employees and assigns, are not responsible for any accidents, injury, theft, loss or damage to personal property on the premises of the Swim Club.

It is expected that all Swim Club members become very familiar with these Rules and explain them to their dependents. The Rules are designed to provide for the safety of all Swim Club members and the protection of your privileges. The Rules may be amended at any time by the Board in its sole discretion. YOUR USE OF THE POOL IS CONTINGENT UPON YOUR ACCEPTANCE AND ADHERENCE TO THESE RULES.

  2. GENERAL AUTHORITY: The BOARD have authority to:
    1. Enforce the Rules and any and all rules and regulations,
    2. Suspend privileges, suspend and/or revoke Swim Club membership, and/or remove individuals from Swim Club property for violations of these Rules,
    3. Restrict use of audio devices, squirt guns, and other water toys,
    4. Close the Swim Club due to weather, safety or sanitation reasons,
    5. Dispose of articles left at the Swim Club, and
    6. Revoke pool privileges for the entire household for the remainder of the season without refund if your child is caught using the pool without a parent or guardian or nanny present.
    1. A Vizpin access is for those household members 18 and older. Those under 18 must be accompanied by a member of the household or nanny with Vizpin access.
    2. Children under the age of 18 MUST be under the direct supervision of an adult in/around the pool.
    1. All members must book daily time slots via the App provided before entering the Swim Club.
    2. Members whose actions create additional expense for the operation of the Swim Club are expressly liable for any and all costs and expenses associated with such


    1. All members must exit the pool if thunder is heard. No one may enter the pool for a period of 30 minutes after thunder is heard.
    2. All members must exit the pool if lightening is seen and the pool deck must be cleared. No one may enter the pool for a period of 30 minutes after lightning is seen.
    3. In the event of heavy rain where the bottom of the pool is not visible, then all members must exit the pool until the heavy rainfall has ceased.
    1. If members choose to move furniture they should return them to their original positions before they leave.
    2. The use of profanity will not be permitted.
    3. Skateboards, rollerblades, “Heelies”, or other wheeled and/or motorized devices are not permitted to be used on the pool deck.
    4. Pedestrians have the right-of-way in the parking lot.
    1. Only children who are potty trained are allowed in the main pool.
    2. Cloth and regular disposable diapers are NOT allowed in either pool. Disposable diapers approved for use in pools, (such as “Swimmies”) or rubber swim diapers must be worn by those requiring diapers in the Kiddie Pool.
    3. No food or drink may be consumed while in the pool. This includes all areas of the pool including the stairwell and shallow end.
    4. Trash must be disposed of in the trash containers. Parents are responsible for their children.
    5. Bathing suits must be worn in the pool.
    6. Only clean “water shoes” are allowed in the pool.
    7. Spitting is not allowed.
    8. Gum is not allowed in the fenced pool areas.
    9. Pets are not allowed in the fenced pool.
    10. Persons with open sores, bandages, inflamed eyes, pink eye, colds, nasal or ear discharges, or communicable diseases may not use the pool.

IMPORTANT: if any Minor from your household is caught using the pool without a parent or guardian present, ALL SWIM CLUB PRIVILEGES WILL BE REVOKED for the entire household for the remainder of the season without refund, and future requests to join the Swim Club will be determined by the Board.

  1. NO GLASS OF ANY KIND (EX. BOTTLES, FOOD DISHES) IS PERMITTED ON SWIM CLUB PROPERTY, including inside the fenced pool areas, kitchenette, bathrooms and breezeway.
  2. Smoking, and use of tobacco and/or vaping products, is prohibited on Swim Club premises.
  3. No running, dunking, pushing, “chicken-fighting” or horse-play will be permitted.
  4. Only United States Coast Guard approved life preservers are allowed, and are restricted to the pool’s shallow end for use by children under adult supervision. Children with floatation devices, per the manufacturer’s warnings printed on the float, MUST be within arm’s reach of their parents at all times.
  5. Weak swimmers shall stay in areas of the pool where the depth does not exceed their shoulder level.
  6. Intoxicated persons will not be allowed on Swim Club premises.
  7. Unauthorized persons may not enter the pump and filter room.
  8. The kiddie pool is for the use of children 5 and under. Older children are not permitted in the kiddie pool.
  9. Persons who are not pool management employees or Board members may not enter the pool area when the pool is closed.
  1. CAREGIVER / NANNY PASS: A caregiver pass (the “Caregiver Pass”) is a season-long pass designed for one person to allow a caregiver access to the Swim Club.
    1. Members can purchase a Caregiver Pass for $50 per caregiver subject to the following restrictions:
      1. The fee for the Caregiver Pass cannot be pro-rated.
      2. Each family membership must purchase a separate Caregiver Pass.
      3. The Caregiver Pass is not transferable among caregiver or family memberships.
      4. The Caregiver Pass is valid ONLY when the caregiver is performing child care duties for the member(s) who purchased the Caregiver Pass and when accompanied by a child member.
      5. Caregiver may not bring non-members into the facility.
      6. Caregiver must be at least 18 years old.
    2. Refer to the Section on GUESTS for additional information.
  2. GUESTS:
    1. Residents of Valley Forge Mountain who are not Swim Club members may be admitted as guests, but are restricted to no more than (3) visits per season. Guests are encouraged to join the Swim Club.
    2. The hosting member must book daily time slots via the App and provide an email to the Swim Club providing all names, addresses and contact details of guests before entering the Swim Club and be at the Swim Club when their guests arrive.
    3. Guests shall be accompanied at all times by a member. The member may not leave guests at the Swim Club unaccompanied.
    4. A guest fee or pass is required of all non-members, regardless of age, who enter the Swim Club, even if they do not use the pool.
    5. Daily guest fees are $5.00 per person per day. Members can pay via Venmo       @VFM-SC or via credit card at vfmsc.org.
    6. Guest passes are non-refundable.
    7. The cost of any property damage caused by a guest at the Swim Club shall be charged to the member.
  3. LOST & FOUND:
  1. Lost items will be stored, however, Swim Club is not responsible for property that is left, lost, damaged or stolen in or on the grounds. All items in the Swim Club’s lost and found will be donated to charity or discarded at the end of the Swim Club season.

The Swim Club grounds, swim area, and pool are the private property of Valley Forge Mountain Swim Club and intended for use by its members in good standing. Persons using the facilities will be asked to identify themselves, so that names can be checked against the membership roster. All persons who reside in the member’s household, and who belong to the member’s immediate family are entitled to the rights of membership based on what they have paid for.

    1. Each VFMSC member will be granted a VIZPIN code to gain entry to the pool. VFMSC members are not permitted to share the VIZPIN code with any other person and must notify the Board of any compromised VIZPIN code. The member is responsible for any loss or damage caused by persons who have accessed the VFMSC property with a member’s VIZPIN code.
    2. The pool gate must remain locked at all times. Each member must lock the gate by pulling the door closed behind them after entering/exiting the pool.